In our village, Musigliano, 18 people live. Here the agricultural landscapes combine with wonderful mountain sights: we are at 650 m. a.s.l. and fields alternate with oak and chestnut forests.
The mountain just above the village, within walking distance, is an important archaeological site, the Guardamonte, and offers views that amaze us every day.
With short walks in the forests it is possible to reach natural climbing gyms with different degrees of difficulty (3, 4 + to 6 +), suitable for children and interesting for the more experienced.
A few minutes walking, it is possible also to reach the starting point for paragliding and an astronomical observatory.

Downstream, five minute drive, there is San Sebastian Curone. Like many other Italian village, San Sebastian is little known but rich in history, style and splendor: here the Ligurian architecture came with the Doria and the cultural and historical richness of this village has grown due to the passage of caravans of salt that connects Liguria and the Po Valley.
Nowadays, San Sebastian is a quiet, yet lively village in the countryside, where you can still spend the holidays away from the bustle of the tourist sites.

And... in a stable located few minutes from our house, there are our two donkeys, Chachi e Ulisse, which are available to accompany children for a nice walk.